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1064nm 532nm q switch nd yag laser
Product: 1064nm 532nm q switch nd yag laser
Model Number: ES-15
Description: Q switched nd yag laser comes with 2 wavelengths, 1064 nm and 532 nm
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Laser treatment device using electro-optic Q-switch mode, with only 8ns pulse width, 1064nm laser single pulse energy up to 1000mJ, instantaneous laser energy efficient crushing the lesion tissue base, that is blasting by light: high-energy laser instantaneous emission, the laser beam of 1064 & 532nm instant role in the target tissue in a very short period of time (8ns), the corresponding pigment absorb laser energy rapid expansion and instantaneous blasting fragmentation, part of the epidermis excreted from the epidermis after fragmentation, part (subepidermal tissue Within the base broken into small particles can be phagocytized by macrophages, macrophages digested by the final excretion through the lymphatic circulation, the lesion tissue color base will gradually reduce until disappear, and the surrounding normal tissue due to non-absorption or pole Less absorption of 1064 & 532nm wavelength of the laser so almost no damage (almost no clinical side effects), do not need to rest after surgery. The electro-optic Q-switched laser can be used for clinical purposes because of its true single-pulse energy that is continuously adjustable so that the physician can obtain any energy density at the same spot area.


1.Wash blue, black embroider eyebrow
2.Wash coffee embroider eyebrow
3.wash red soal lip
4.Wash coloful tatoo
5.Remove freckle, age pigment
6.Remove nevus of Ota/Congenital-birthmark...


1-3 time/treatment 1 month/time

Advantages :

1. Easy to operation, 1064nm and 532nm can switch automoticly by press different button on the screen.

2. Big power supply, so the machine is powerful.

3. Can adjust the spot size when switch the head.

4. Big water tank, so the cooling system is very good.

5. Metal shell, safe during the transport.


Laser typeND YAG Q-switch laser
Wavelengthdouble wavelength 1064nm, 532nm

Carbon treatment tip

Laser output

Korea Optical arm



≤500mJ (532nm)

Width of pulses8ns

Spot diameter

1-8mm adjustable
screen type
Color touch screen
Voltage220V / 110V
Packing size95x48x3075px