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Newest Model ultra body shape Slimming Machine with good quality
Product: Ultrashape weight lose slimming machine
Model Number: S-22
Description: Precisely targets problem areas,  No heat, no cold, just results  Fat cell destruction for non-in vasive body shaping
Product Detail

Principle:It combines 3D positioning system,FUS technology,Wace vest technology,non-invasive for the waist, abdomen, back, legs,buttocks and other parts of fat accumulation, with one treatment, less than an hour, the fat can be reduced 2-6 cm.

Work handles: Focused ultrasound transducer(Dissolve fat handpiece)/ Vacuum RF transducer

Applications:Focused: Ultrasound energy is designed to precisely converge into a confined focal volume, targeting only subcutaneous fat at a controlled depth Pulsed: Energy is delivered in bursts resulting in a mechanical non-thermal effect that only targets tissue most susceptible to mechanical disruption keeping nerves, vessels and muscles safe and intact
Single-Focus Ultrasound
- Designed to treat fat at a focal point of 15mm under the skin
Multi-Focus Ultrasound
- Designed to treat multiple depths and more fat volume in a single pulse

Treatment: 20-30 min/time; 2 times/month; 2-3times/cause



Ultrasonic Frequency



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RF Freqency


Vaccum Intensity



Aluminium box

Cooling Range


Treatment shots of tips

525 shots