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Mini Biopolar RF
Product: Mini Biopolar RF
Model Number: RF3.0B
Description: Mini Bipolar RF Home Use Machine
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RF Wrinkle Removal System is the fruit of Korean and Chinese technologies,

which designs with special direction electrode and high efficiency cooling technology.

The Cualloy material of electrode with high conductivity

ensures the RF energy heating the collagen of hypodermis layer equably.

The collagen will be shrunk quickly after absorbed the energy.

The fibre cells will produce the new collagen after stimulated.

Which would smooth the wrinkle and tighten the skin tissue.

The skin will get back to rejuvenation and health status.

The senescence of skin can be postponed.

The first treatment lets you feel the excellent result immediately.

After the following treatment, you will feel your skin is younger and smoother than before.

The treatment results may depend on the age and skin condition


A.Skin lifting,skin tightening

B.Wrinkle removal

C.Skin rejuvenation


15-20 minutes one time,once two weeks,6-8 times one course,the best persist half year


RF applicator


Operating frequency


RF Energy Density

15-25 J/cm2 adjustable

Output mode

1-5 levels


37*31*14 cm


2 KG