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crystal and diamond dermabrasion
Product: crystal and diamond dermabrasion
Model Number: D-002A
Description: 1. Improve duck yellow, oily skins, remove skins deep dirt.  2. Improve skins rough, acne, pock, rough pores.  3. Tint color speckles, tiny wrinkles, wrinkles, pock and etc.  4. Promote the skin metab
Product Detail


dermabrasion is a non-surgical skin refinish technology ,by using sterile diamond heads to abrade or rub off the top skin layer ,then

vacuuming out the particies along with any dirt and dead skin back up to removes skin debris ,inperfections ,

blemishes ,wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation.


Deep clean,exfoliating


Fuses3*5 AMP
Vacuum pressure0-60 cmHg
Pos.air pressure2.5 BAR