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Diamond and Microcrystal 2 in 1 dermabrasion machine
Product: Diamond and Microcrystal 2 in 1 dermabrasion machine
Model Number: SPA7.0
Description: Diamond dermabrasion, have 9pcs tips,  Microcrystal dermabrasion, have 1# tips 10pcs ,   2# tips 10pcs,
Product Detail

Working Principle:

Dermabrasion Machine is a diamond peeling machine. It adopts different thicknessof sculpture heads,

more professionally, matches with different skin status of the clients, ismore convenient used in beauty

salonThe newly developed “Miniature Sculpture” is a kind of quick, safe and efficient skin

renewaltechnique through shallowly physical polishing with the diamonds of different sizes inbuilt in

thesculpture head. The peeling, of which the thickness can be controlled by the beautician

along thetexture, has good efficacy for sunshineaging, pigment deposition and wide pores companied

with vacuum suction.


Shrink pores
Tighten skin
Dilute pigmentation
Deeply clean dirts and metabolized thick cutin
Increase circulation of blood and lymphatic system
Promote deeply absorption of nutritional ingredients
Remove wrinkles, acnes and scars
Rejuvenate and whiten skin



1) Crystal dermabrasion

2) Diamond dermabrasion

Vacuum Power

100Kpa Max


Crystal & diamond dermabrasion

Max Output


Operation Control

Control panel


1) Crystal dermabrasion handle with 20 tips

2) Diamond dermabrasion handle with 9 tips


100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz

Packing Size

55*48*48 cm


16 KG


1 Year / 12 Months