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rf + oxygen mask +oxygen spray +oxygen inject oxygen facial skin care machine
Product: rf + oxygen mask +oxygen spray +oxygen inject oxygen facial skin care machine
Model Number: O2-003A
Product Detail


5in 1 oxygen Spary + Oxygen injection + bipolar rf(face)+ tripolar rf(body) + + oxygen mask+pdt with CE certification


Function:Oxygen inject:inject the oxygen and the special prescribed beauty product into the bottom of the epidermis via the no needlepressure oxygen injection. Which is to strengthen the cells, increase its resistibility, dispel the waste easily and promote it's metabolism.Oxygen sprayer:use the oxygen, together with the active concentrated essence, to do the pure oxygen massage onthe skin in order to treat different kinds of skin problemsrf:skin lift and tighten,wrinkle removal,active the cellsOxygen mask:increasing the concentration and mnemonic capabilities,reducing the stress,detoxifying improving sport performances,reducing the down-time period after intense fatigue.Supplemental oxygen make skin more younger,Oxygen therapy can help repair sun damage age spots,have effect for wrinkle , stretch mark ,acne reduction .safe on all skin types,deeply infuse pire oxygen



220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz



External Dimensions

3000px *1125px *1300px

Operation system

8" touch screen

Oxygen concentration


Oxygen flux


Vacuum pressure

1 bar Max

rf type

bipolar +tripolar