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distributor wanted Diode Laser for Hair Regrowth Diode Laser Hair regrowth
Product: distributor wanted Diode Laser for Hair Regrowth Diode Laser Hair regrowth
Model Number: ES-29
Description: 670nm Diode Hair regrowth machine
Product Detail

Diode laser for hair regrowth is an intelligent laser instrument targeting at the consumer market with alopecia or other similar symptoms. It contains 240pcs 670nm red laser with 140mw for each laser module. Equipped with modern designed shell, the machine has four hair masks which means all the hair area is included and no dead angle. In order to extending the service life of the apparatus as long as possible, the radiator module is designed separately.

The laser classification is Class 1M, the safest rating. It can generate cold light as a cure to achieve the goal of re-growing hair. The operation system is simple and easy to learn. Without any pain or side effects, if you are bothered by the problems above, and want to enhance your image and rebuild your confidence on a lower cost, the diode laser for hair regrowth machine is the best choice you can have.

Treatment Theory

In 1964, a famous professor found that the laser diode (also called laser of low level) can penetrate the surface of the skin to accelerate hair growth and thicken the hair with no heat effect, no skin damage and no negative side effects. Visible and monochrome 670nm laser creates mid-power ranging from 0.12 to 0.36 J/cm2. This power is perfect for promoting a healthy hair follicle by providing important nutrients to it, such as ATP which carrys the harmful waste like DHT away. ATP is able to increase cell’s vigour and promote cellular metabolism.

The machine uses low level laser that induces the blood to the top of the scalp in order to improve blood circulation, and strengthen the cell’s absorptive capacity to grow new hair. After the energy been absorbed by the scalp, the cells would be stimulated and regain vigor again.






8 J/cm2

Pulse rate

30-90 hz


AC110/220V 10A


50-60 hz

LCD Screen

10.4 inch




60×63×128 cm3



Pulse width


Package valume


Gross weight

64 kg

Net weight

43 kg