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Professional full body composition analyzer
Product: Professional full body composition analyzer
Model Number: tb-002b
Description: body composition analyer
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Professional full body composition analyzer

1. Technical principle: bioelectrical impedance
Bioelectrical impedance (BIA) is a technique for determining human body water by electrical means.

When a weak AC signal is introduced into the human body, the current will flow with the body fluid with small resistance and good conduction performance. The amount of moisture determines the tolerance of the path through which the current passes, which can be expressed as a measured value called impedance. However, the values of impedance and resistance are only about 2 to 3 Ω in the human body. Since such a resistance difference can be ignored, in the bioelectrical impedance method, the resistance value can be approximated instead of the impedance. The general principle of calculating the body composition by measuring the impedance is calculated by the principle that the body water is proportional to the height and inversely proportional to the body impedance R. When the current flows through the conductor, the resistance of the conductor is proportional to the length of the conductor, and the transverse The cross section is inversely proportional, ie the volume of the conductor can be expressed as a function of the length of the conductor and the resistance. In the human body, the volume of the conductor can be regarded as human body water, which is used to analyze human body water.

Advantages of Bio-Resistance Tester

1: Most important: Test data is more accurate and stable

2: It can be operated with a Wi-Fi link computer. (ie operation on the computer screen)

3: The test results can be sent to the customer by mail, or the customer's own printer can be used to print the report (the old model can only use the designated printer, often with some minor faults).

4: New interface New system New print report.

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Feature:body composition analyzer

Operation System:Other

Place of Origin:Beijing, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:Soking

Model Number:GS6.5B

Warranty:3 years


Testing weight range:10-200 Kg


Controller:320x240 digital screen in Chinese and English

Input power:AC100~240V, 50/60HZ

Test time:No more than 2 minutes